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ROAM artists engage students in academic content with folk, jazz, blues, gospel, bluegrass and old-time country music. Artists provide students with the opportunity to sing, play music, build musical instruments and write their own songs. Residencies conclude with a final performance by students of songs they have written for an all-school assembly. Professional CD or DVD recordings of student performances are available.

It IS Rocket Science, STEAM Student will learn raps about the scientific method, teaching songs about the laws of motion, rock cycle, genetic traits, recycling, and meet individuals in STEM careers including a rocket scientist from NASA. A final performance will demonstrate student learning of songs with firm academic content (Grades 5-8)

Literacy through the Arts provides two teaching artists who help students achieve grade level reading skills through song writing, analysis of lyrics and engaging music presentations that prepare students for a final performance or recording session. Goals include 1) acquisition of vocabulary 2) reading comprehension 3) performance and youth development goals. For older students, song writing may address issues of social concern and enlightenment (Grades 1-12)

Live It Up – Health Living Program provides two teaching artists experienced in both dance and music to teach youth about healthy living, activity, dance steps, the daily 5, and engage students in conversations about active vs. inactive choices, and the need to get exercise every day. Goals include 1) Teach age-appropriate dance steps to students of all ages, divided by age groups, demonstrating music and movement 2) Encourage active lifestyles and incorporate discussion about healthy lifestyles 3) Follow State of Ohio approved Physical Education Standards (All ages)

Taking Charge of My Cash helps students grasp and retain the applications of math standards to real-life money management.  This program encourages making wise financial decisions (Grades 5-8)

American Heroes examines how individuals from any economic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds could be considered ‘heroes” (Grades 4-8)

The Great Community Mystery encourages youth to celebrate their community, its people and its history while they develop skills in map reading, geography, multimedia technology and music performance and appreciation (Grades 2-3)

OHIO (Only Happened in Ohio) includes activities that focus on Ohio’s waterways. Students learn about the importance of rivers and canals, the Great Lakes and the historical significance of these bodies of water (Grades 3-6)

Unchained: From Slavery to the Civil Rights teaches about the turbulent time in US history beginning with Slavery, through the Reconstruction and up to the Civil Rights Movement. Students experience live music, learn songs and stories, write original lyrics to traditional music forms, and perform (Grades 6-8)

People on the Move explains how this country was settled via the movement of people from the old world to the new, from east to west, south to north, country to city, oppression to freedom, through exploration of uniquely American musical genres, such as folk, blues, jazz and rock (Grades 2-5)

Jug Band Jamboree helps children understand what did people did for entertainment before ipods, TV, radio?  Students make instruments and try washtubs, spoons and jugs (Grades Pre-K – 2)