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“I would like to thank you for your support of the local shelters that our organization, the Landskronner Foundation for Children regularly assists with.  The Roots’ musicians annual holiday concerts at these shelters have become a regular highlight of the holiday season for theses many young children.” Jack Landskronner

“We are grateful for the live musical performance.. on the Tower City Center Skylight Concourse Grand Staircase.  It added to the fun and excitement of our “free” day that was supported by The Cleveland Foundation.” Cleveland International Film Festival

“Integrating music into the 10th grade social studies curriculum engaged and motivated our Orange High School students as they studied the decade of the 1960’s through music.  Creative lessons developed by ROAM teaching artists in collaboration with the classroom teachers provided opportunities for students to apply 21st Century Thinking Skills such as Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, and Collaboration.” Gifted Education teacher, Orange City Schools

“Students had the opportunity to synthesize what they learned about the subject, to write their own original songs reflecting issues that affected them in today’s world. The students still reflect on the unit as one of their most memorable learning experiences.”

“Thank you SO much for bringing your group -as we have a limited budget, music is a rare treat. Each and every patient enjoyed it so thoroughly, they’ve been talking about it for past 5 days. They especially enjoyed the interactive kazoo portion! Thank you, again, for bringing yourself and the other talented musicians to our facility. We all look forward to being able to hear you again”.

“Thank you Sheela and Kevin for serving as our special presenters last week. Our senior citizens join me in this note of thanks and we pledge our very best to you personally and for the important work you do to advance our appreciation of music.”

“I learned what the songs meant.” Student

“I want to join your band.” Student