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Workshops and Summer Camps

From a 1-hour arts experience to a full week, ROAM artists engage your group through music activities.

Ukulele Workshop
Call us to schedule a one-hour workshop with groups of all ages!  We have 12 ukuleles we will bring to your site.  Perfect for beginners! 216-321-9350.

Literacy through Song Writing Workshop
This popular workshop is for young and old, for libraries, reading programs, or senior centers. We connect language arts to creative writing and music in a super-fun hour of song writing! The group performs their finished products with ROAM teaching artists! Call to schedule a one-hour workshop! 216-321-9350.

Summer Camps
Summer camp experiences are tailored to your site by 1-2 ROAM teaching artists. We engage youth in numerous arts activities centered around music and motion including guitar lessons, song writing, instrument building, percussion and movement in an interactive and creative setting!

After School Guitar Workshops for groups of 25
Call ROAM to get group rates! We bring the guitars. 216-321-9350.